The 2022 Health Fairs have concluded. If you’d like to participate in the wellness incentive activities, you can still receive a blood draw at your physicians office. Visit the Anthem website to find an in-network provider.

FITlife Incentive – Earn $150

When you participate in the Health Fair blood draw, you get one step closer to earning the FITlife wellness incentive.

Complete the other items by December 31, 2022 to earn $150:

  1. Participate in the Health Fair blood draw
      • After November 18, 2022: receive a blood draw from your physician
  2. Check-in with a retirement vendor or attend a webinar and complete the online form
  3. Login to YOU@CSU and complete a self-check, then fill out the online form
  4. Complete the Anthem health assessment

Need help completing these tasks? View these  step-by-step instructions.