Search Committee Established

  • Decision made to begin search. Search Chair selected. Search committee members identified.
  • Search Committee appointed by Hiring Authority.
    • Approved by EO Coordinator via email
  • Initial meeting of search committee. Charge given by the hiring authority.
    • With EO Coordinator
  • Search committee finalizes position description, posting, recruitment plan and evaluation criteria.

Position Description Created or Modified in the TMS

  • HR classification conducted (for AP and Research positions) and position version number assigned in the TMS
  • Approved by Hiring Authority & Signature Authority

Posting Announcement created from approved Position Description

  • Posting, including Search Committee membership, recruitment plan and evaluation criteria entered into the Talent Management System (TMS). 
  • Posting approved by Hiring Authority, EO Coordinator & OEO in the TMS

Recruitment Timeline

  • Standard Search
    • At least 3 weekends (4 for Faculty search) of advertising in relevant national publications, websites, etc.
  • Limited Recruitment:
    • At least 3 weekends of advertising in relevant regional publications, websites, etc.
  • Accelerated or Internal Search:
    • At least 2 weekends of advertising that reaches all potentially qualified employees.

Semifinalist Interviews

  • After the full consideration date has passed, the Search Chair and one other Committee Member will screen the applications for minimum qualifications.
  • The entire Search Committee will then evaluate all applications that meet the minimum qualifications to determine who moves forward to a semifinalist interview. Once semifinalist candidates are determined, the request for interviews must be reviewed and approved in the TMS.
    • Approved by EO Coordinator & OEO in the TMS for Faculty.
    • Approved by EO Coordinator in the TMS for AP search.

Finalist Interviews

  • After semifinalist interviews are finalized, the Search Committee will meet to determine the candidates moving forward to the finalist interview round.
    • Finalist interview requests are approved by your EO Coordinator and OEO in the TMS.
  • Schedules for campus interviews established with Hiring Authority
    • Approved by EO Coordinator
  • Campus interviews conducted.
  • Search Committee formulates recommendation to Hiring Authority.
    • Approved by EO Coordinator via email


  • Request to offer submitted for approval via the Talent Management System (TMS) before offer is made to candidate.
    • Subject to approval by CSU Central Administration & Board of Governors, Approved by EO Coordinator & OEO in the TMS
  • Hiring Proposal completed for successful candidate, which includes the background check and signed offer letter.
  • All search materials retained by unit for three years.
  • Notification sent out to applicants and candidates that the position has been filled.

For more information regarding the AP/Research/Faculty hiring process please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity.