New hires and employees changing to a new employee group will complete their required new hire paperwork in RAMp Up, the pre-hire document process using Equifax’s compliance center system. For new hires or rehires after a break in service, this includes:

  • Form I-9
  • Form SSA-1945
  • Federal W4 and appropriate state tax forms
  • Pay method bank details

For new hires, rehires, and those changing employee groups, forms appropriate to the hire’s new assignment will be completed, including:

  • Creative Works Policy
  • Oath of Allegiance
  • Compensatory Time Agreement

Other required forms or notices specific to the new hire’s work location will be presented through RAMp Up as well.

Employees changing between Student and Non-Student Hourly assignments or being reactivated from suspended assignments will not be required to complete a new compliance packet.

Every packet ends with a link to the CSU Employee Welcome Packet, containing important next onboarding steps and information related to parking and transportation, benefits, foreign national resources, community and values, and much more.

HR staff can have a role within Equifax that allows them to complete section 2 of Form I-9 as well as view the current form completions status of all the new hires in their department.

If for any reason a compliance packet was not created for an employee who should have received one, contact with a link to or PDF of the hiring proposal (if hired through TMS). If the employee was not hired through TMS, provide the first and last legal name and start date as entered in the HR system background check form. If the new hire has already completed the form I-9 in Equifax, we cannot create a compliance packet for them, so they should complete their new hire documents on paper or PDF and enter their direct deposit details and W-4 in the Oracle HR system.

New Hire Compliance Packets

New hire compliance packets are created automatically through two different avenues:

  • For admin professional, faculty, postdoctoral, and state classified employees, compliance packets are created within 24 hours of the hiring proposal being approved in the TMS search and hiring system.
  • For graduate assistants, non-student hourly, and student employees, compliance packets are created within 24 hours of the background check being approved or the determination is made that a background check is not necessary.

Note that although not every student employee is required to receive a background check according to current policy, they should still be entered into the CSU Background Checks form in the Oracle HR system to confirm that determination.

RAMp Up increases the importance of entering all student employees in this form to ensure that all hires receive the appropriate compliance packet.

Track your new hire’s progress

Equifax can send emails to you to help you track your new hire’s progress when completing forms. These notification emails can be sent to the new hire’s department at three points during the process:

  1. When the new hire’s compliance packet of forms is assigned
  2. When Section 1 of Form I-9 and all other documents have been completed (allowing the department to complete Section 2)
  3. When the packet has been entirely completed

To receive these notifications or to change a department email address for notifications, please email the department number and email address to

Only one email address per department can receive these notifications, so we recommend using a distribution list or listserv for the department’s HR staff. Then multiple people can receive notifications, and the recipients can be managed locally by the department rather than requiring modifications by Equifax when there are staffing changes.

Steps After Packet Completion

After packet completion, the new assignment can be submitted into the workflow for final approval. Within 12 hours of Section 2 of Form I-9 being completed and the assignment being created in the Oracle HR system (whichever is later), the HR system will be updated with:

  • The new hire’s direct deposit pay method details
  • Federal W-4 and appropriate state tax records,
  • I-9 information.

Next steps in onboarding

As mentioned above, the CSU Employee Welcome Packet will provide the new employee with additional onboarding steps:

  • Acquiring an eID and email address
  • Using DUO two-factor authentication
  • Getting a RamCard

The employee receives the link to the CSU Employee Welcome Packet once they complete all of the forms.

Three things your new employee needs you to tell them

  1. RAMp Up emails do not come from CSU
    • Please alert your new hires that they’ll be getting a request to complete paperwork that does not come from CSU.
    • When a new compliance packet is assigned to a new hire, the new hire receives an email from with the subject, “RAMp Up New Hire Forms – Colorado State University.”
    • The email is sent to the address used to apply to the position (if hired through TMS) or the address entered as the “candidate email” (if entered in the CSU background checks form in the Oracle HR system).
    • New hires must follow the directions in this email to complete their preboarding paperwork.
    • You should notify new hires to expect these emails and check in clutter or junk folders to ensure they aren’t missed. Reminder emails are sent every three days until the compliance packet is completed.
  2. Human Resources can support new hires with questions
    • If a new hire needs assistance understanding the content of forms or believe they are being asked to complete forms that are not relevant to their new role, they can contact for support.
    • For technical assistance, new hires should contact Equifax’s Employee Service Center at 888-850-8159.
  3. Additional onboarding after this process
    • Employees will receive an employee welcome packet once they complete all of their forms in the RAMp Up process. That welcome packet outlines important next steps, such as how to get an email address.
    • Please tell new hires to download the packet at the end of their process to complete other important onboarding tasks.


  • Department HR staff should also remind foreign national hires to contact the CSU Tax Office at and complete a tax profile using GLACIER tax software. They should also start the process of obtaining a social security number from the Social Security Administration Office.
  • The out-of-state work Location form is not included in the RAMp Up preboarding documents, because it should be completed by or with a representative of the new hire’s department.
  • The new hire has the option to choose Spanish-language versions of Form I-9 and Form W-4.

Forms Included by Employee Group

Document Admin Professional Faculty Graduate Assistant Non-Student Hourly Other Salaried (Postdoc) State Classified Student
Personal Information Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
I-9 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSA 1945 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Direct Deposit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Contact Information Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
W-2 Consent Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
EEO Demographic Information Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tax Withholding Forms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Educational History Yes Yes
Creative Works Policy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oath of Allegiance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compensatory Time Agreement Yes if FLSA non-exempt Yes
Colorado WINS Yes if “covered”
9 over 12 Payment Option Yes if 9-month pay basis Yes if 9-month pay basis
CSU Employee Welcome Packet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

For current active employees moving into one of the employee groups above, the following documents are not included in the packet:

  • I-9
  • SSA 1945
  • Direct Deposit
  • Tax Withholding Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

The Section 2 of Form I-9 can be completed once the new hire has completed all the forms in their RAMp Up packet.

When a current employee is hired into a new student, non-student hourly, or graduate assistant assignment and requires a packet but no background check, please enter their information in the Oracle HR system background check form.

  1. Check “Criminal History” in the Request Checks section
  2. AND, note in the comments field that no background check is required
    While this is contradictory, this initiates the federally required restricted party screening check but does not prompt a full background check through HireRight.

A new RAMp Up packet will also be created when HR has confirmed that no new background check is necessary.

Do not use the “RamWelcome Only” option for this purpose. That is a specific type of check for our volunteers welcoming new students to CSU at the RamWelcome event.

No, a reactivation of an assignment does not require new hire paperwork, so no packet is created.

Yes, department HR representatives will still create assignments in the Oracle HR system as usual.

Form I-9 information, direct deposit banking details, and W-4 tax withholding choices are transferred to the Oracle HR system. Some additional information (emergency contacts, race/ethnicity, education) is going to be part of a phase 2 of integration work. When we go live, these will not be integrating.

RAMP Up forms are stored in Equifax’s compliance center system, and they do not need to be transmitted to HR in any way.

When a new hire completes the first section of their RAMp Up packet, Personal Information, they have the option of checking a “SSN Applied For” box. If that box is checked, the Tax Withholding Forms will no longer be part of their packet.

Red text means that the user has clicked on the employee at some point. This helps the user distinguish between new hires they have and have not viewed.

HR community members who can complete I-9 forms can also provide their new hires with the best, fastest support. In Equifax, you can use the search employees option to find an employee and click the blue “Generate PIN” button on the packet information page.

If a new hire cannot find their initial invitation email, you can provide them their Login ID as listed on the packet information page along with the login web address, which is the same for all hires:

You can track the packet creation completion status of new hires in your department in the Workflow Summary section. Choose whether to view by Workflow Date (the date a packet is changing status from created to forms being completed to section 2 needing completion to hired), Creation Date, or employment Start Date. Choose a Begin Date and End Date to search and click View.

The result is a table of workflow statuses that can be expanded to view all the new hires in the status within that date range.