To account for weather-related partial day or full day closures, please follow the guidelines below to appropriately track time and leave for each employee type.

Note that these administrative leave closures only apply to employees working in the affected geographic region. When CSU announces a university closure, it applies to all remote and in-person activities in Larimer County. Due to variability of current work situations, each department will enter administrative leave in TimeClock Plus for their employees as appropriate; Human Resources will not centrally create leave entries.

FLSA Exempt (Overtime Ineligible) Salaried Employees

  • No additional leave entries needed.
  • This group includes all faculty.
  • Although administrative leave need not be recorded for FLSA exempt salaried employees, they are not expected to work during the hours operations are suspended, whether they work remotely or at a CSU location.

FLSA Non-exempt (Overtime Eligible) Salaried Employees

  • Administrative leave entries must be created for employees scheduled to work for the number of hours they were scheduled to work during hours of closure.
  • Employees required to work during a closure will record their time worked as usual with no administrative leave entered. If individuals worked more than four hours during a closure, they may be granted a comparable amount of administrative leave at a later date.
  • Employees who already had sick, annual, or other leave during the closures do not receive administrative leave.
  • Note that administrative leave is considered time worked and is included in overtime calculations.

State Classified Hourly Employees

  • Administrative leave entries should be created for employees only if they were originally scheduled to work during a closure.
  • Leave entries should be created for the number of hours they were originally scheduled to work during a closure.
  • Refer to additional guidance for non-exempt employees above.

Student and Non-Student Hourly Employees

  • Student and non-student hourly employees are not eligible for paid administrative leave.
  • Employees who worked during the closures should record their time worked as usual.

Deadlines and Questions

Please refer to the Payroll Schedules and Deadlines to ensure that all time entry is completed on-time and according to this guidance.