May 3, 2022

What if I am required to work on June 20?
Employees who are scheduled and required to work on June 20 should be granted an alternate holiday to observe Juneteenth. The alternate holiday should be taken in May or June, because the holiday must be observed in the current fiscal year. Supervisors and managers should make every effort to ensure employees are able to take the alternate holiday. Under statute, state classified employees who are unable to observe the holiday prior to July 1 may be paid out for the holiday.

I have already submitted annual or sick leave for June 20. Will I receive holiday pay in observance of Juneteenth instead?
Yes. Employees should work with their supervisor and departmental Human Resources representative to rescind the leave request in Time Clock Plus and receive holiday pay on June 20.

Are hourly employees eligible for Juneteenth holiday pay?
State classified hourly employees are eligible for holiday pay on a pro-rated basis depending upon hours worked in the month. This is calculated and paid in July. Other hourly employees (including administrative professional hourly, student and non-student hourly) are not eligible for holiday pay.