State Classified, Administrative Professional, Research, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Graduate Assistants and Faculty members are eligible and encouraged to participate. Non-student Hourly and Student employees are not eligible and should work with their supervisors to determine their work schedule for the week of April 12-16. CEMML employees are funded by and directly support the Department of Defense; as such the CEMML workforce will not participate in the professional development days.

Non-exempt and exempt employees should work with their unit level Human Resources team members who will need to input Administrative Leave into the TimeClock Plus system for April 15 and 16 on behalf of the employees who will participate. For example, if your regular work day consists of an eight (8) hour schedule, the HR partner will enter the full eight hours in TimeClock Plus using the Administrative Leave job code. For exempt employees, it is necessary to input Administrative Leave hours for these dates within the TimeClock Plus system to reflect the Administrative Leave, ensuring the university is able to report these days accurately.

Essential employees who are unable to apply the time during the week of Spring Break should coordinate with their supervisor to schedule two professional development dates before June 30, 2021, the conclusion of the 2020/2021 fiscal year. These days need not be taken consecutively. These days are not eligible for payout or rollover at the end of the fiscal year.

If an employee wants to participate in the Spring Break professional development days, it is permissible to rescind their leave request.

If an AP hourly or State Classified hourly employee is regularly scheduled for work on April 15 or 16, they are eligible to participate in the professional day development days. If an AP hourly or State Classified hourly employee is considered essential for business during the Spring Break and unable to take the professional development days between April 15-16, they are eligible to defer the equivalent number of professional development hours worked (up to 16) to a later time within the fiscal year. AP hourly and State Classified hourly employees who are not scheduled to work on April 15 or 16 are not eligible to participate.

Consult with your supervisor to determine if the business need requires your role to provide support on the observed days. If there is a business need requiring you to work on April 15-16, work with your supervisor to identify future dates for you to observe these days during this fiscal year. If the business need does not dictate your role is essential during this time frame and you are being asked to report to work, you may consult with your unit’s Human Resources representative to determine options.

For State Classified and AP hourly employees who participate, the deadline to enter leave is April 27, 2021. For salaried employees, the deadline is May 10, 2021.

Yes, to accommodate the professional development days scheduled for April 15 and 16 the deadline for TCP approvals will be updated from Tuesday, April 13th at Midnight to Monday, April 12 by Noon.

Yes, all employees listed under “eligible to participate” except those units that utilize the fringe 2 rate, are eligible for administrative leave for professional development days.