Position Description Evaluation

  • Position description (PD) created or modified in TMS and submitted to HR for review and classification
  • HR Job Evaluation Specialist reviews PD and classifies to the appropriate series and level.


  • Employment Consultant assigned recruitment and schedules meeting with Hiring Manager/Dept. to develop recruitment plan. Completes thorough analysis of PD to prepare for meeting, including identification of critical knowledge skills, and abilities.
  • Discuss roles, strategy, timelines, salary, minimum/preferred qualifications, and comparative analysis options and plan.
  • Posting created in TMS.
  • Review and approve posting.
  • Position Posted!

Note: If less than six qualified candidates apply process can move straight to interview, or recruitment can continue


  • Employment Consultant screens applications against minimum qualifications.
  • Notifications sent to all individuals informing them of their status in the recruitment.
  • Candidate’s advancing in selection process are notified of next steps.
Note: If less than six qualified candidates apply process can move straight to interview, or recruitment can continue

Comparative Analysis

  • HR and hiring manager solidify comparative analysis plan.
  • Employment Consultant creates rating criteria, rubrics, scripts, and other comparative analysis materials.
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) complete comparative analysis/submit scores to HR.
  • Scores are compiled. Candidates notified of their status. Top six candidates identified.

Candidate Referral

  • Referral list and candidate materials are sent to Hiring Manager/Dept.
  • Hiring Manager/Department complete the following:
    • Coordinate, schedule, and conduct interviews with all referred candidates.
    • Identify top candidate(s).
    • Complete reference checks on top candidate(s)
    • Submit completed referral with legally defensible justification to HR for review and approval.
  • Employment Consultant approves referral comment and authorizes soft offer extension by Hiring Manager/Dept.
  • Soft offer accepted by candidate, confirmation sent to HR.

Hiring/Background Check

  • Employment Consultant creates hiring proposal in TMS triggering background check in TMS and HireRight email.
  • Employment Consultant tracks background check progress, upon approval provides offer letter template to Hiring Manager/Dept.
  • Hiring Manager drafts an offer letter with HR review and approval.
  • Formal offer letter sent to candidate for signature. Signed offer returned to HR electronically.
  • Attaches signed offer letter to hiring proposal and moves candidate to Hired in TMS.
  • Candidates interviewed, but not selected are thanked and notified of the outcome (phone/email). Dept. completes Oracle action and submits new hire paperwork to HR.