Open Enrollment 2022

The annual open enrollment period for current participants of the CSU Umbrella Rx Plan begins today and ends November 15, 2021. Your opportunity to add or delete eligible dependents occurs during this open enrollment period.

Changes are effective January 1, 2022. You do not need to return an Umbrella Rx Change Form unless you are making a change. However, please indicate your status below.

The Umbrella Rx Plan is a supplemental prescription plan that reimburses out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs (minus co-payments) purchased through the PERACare Medicare Advantage prescription drug plan, administered by UnitedHealth care and Optum Rx. The Umbrella Rx claim form can also be found on our website.

  • By typing my name in the field above, I hereby attest that this is considered my Umbrella Rx open enrollment election and that the information above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.