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Medical Insurance

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

You have three medical plan options to choose from to provide flexibility in finding an option that fits your individual needs. The plans include coverage for services like maternity, surgery, hospitalization and office visits, but they have different deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. To view a side-by-side comparison of the plan options, review the Medical Comparison Guide.

In the event of a conflict between the information on this page and the official plan documents, the plan documents will govern. For information regarding types of coverage each plan offers, eligibility, and enrollment please refer to the Summary Plan Description.

Medical Plan Documents (Certificates of Insurance)Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC)Group number
Ram Plan-HDHP (pdf)Ram Plan-HDHP (pdf)Ram Plan-HDHP: C10223M014
Green Plan (pdf)Green Plan (pdf)Green Plan: C10223M002
Gold Plan* (pdf)Gold Plan (pdf)Gold Plan: C10223M001
POS Plan (pdf)POS Plan (pdf)POS plan: C1022230007

*The Gold Plan is frozen to new enrollment effective January 1, 2018. If you are enrolled in the Gold Plan, you may maintain your enrollment in the plan. If you switch to another plan, you will not be allowed to re-elect the Gold Plan at a later date.

Other Services

  • LiveHealth Online (Telemedicine)
    • 24/7 doctor visits (your choice of U.S. board certified doctors) through live video.
    • Help at a cost of only $59 per visit, subject to deductible and coinsurance.
    • Private, secure and convenient online visits.
  • Preventative Health Guidelines (pdf)

Benefit Plan Resources

Telemedicine Services: LiveHealth Online provides you with 24/7 quick and easy access to board-certified doctors in minutes. Just use your smartphone, tablet, or computer with a webcam. To start using LiveHealth Online, sign up at or download the app. 

24/7 Nurse Line: Call (800) 337-4770 to confidentially talk with a nurse 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you call Anthem’s 24-hour Nurse Line, you’ll speak directly to a registered nurse who can help answer your health-related questions. 

Future Moms Program: A go-to source that can answer your pregnancy questions, help you make good choices, and follow your health care provider’s plan of care. Sign up as soon as you know you’re pregnant. Just call (800) 828-5891 and one of Anthem’s registered nurses will help you get started. You’ll get:

  • A nurse that checks in on you from time to time and a toll-free number so you can talk to a nurse coach 24/7.
  • The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy book that guides you through changes you can expect during each month of your pregnancy.
  • A screening to check your health risk for depression or early delivery.
  • Useful tools to help you, your doctor and your Future Moms nurse keep track of your pregnancy and help you make healthier choices.
  • Free phone calls with pharmacists, nutritionists and other specialists, if needed.
  • A booklet with tips to help keep you and your new baby safe.
  • Other helpful information on labor and delivery, including options and how to prepare.

Identity Protection: All active Blue Cross and Blue Shield members have identity protections available with eligible medical plan coverage and there is no enrollment required. AllClear ID provides identity repair assistance to help fix identity theft issues and return your information to its proper condition. If there’s a potential problem with your credit or you’re concerned about identity theft, just contact AllClear ID at any point while you’re an active health plan member at (855) 227-9830. The investigator will help you determine if there is a problem and help you recover financial losses, restore your credit, and make sure your identity is returned to its proper condition.

Anthem Self Service: Click Here to register so you can print ID cards, find providers, compare costsprice prescriptions, and access your claims

For quick, at your fingertips access download the Anthem Mobile app

Dental Insurance

Delta Dental of Colorado

CSU offers two dental plans: Delta Dental Basic and Delta Dental Plus. Both plans are self-insured and administered by Delta Dental of Colorado. 

Delta Dental Basic Plan: A direct reimbursement plan, rather than dental insurance which benefits are payable according to the dentist’s billed charges. There is no provider network or deductible associated with this plan. 

Delta Dental Plus Plan: A dental insurance plan which allows for varying levels of benefit payments depending upon the type of service provided by your dentist. If you or your dependents are covered under another dental plan, the Plan’s coordination of benefits rules will apply.

Group Numbers

  • Delta Dental Basic: 9709
  • Delta Dental Plus: 9684

Vision Insurance
(800) 877-7195
Group Number: 30021702

The Vision Service Plan (VSP) is a voluntary vision insurance plan provided by VSP. For providers in VSP’s network, the following benefits are available:

  • Routine Eye Exam (each calendar year): 100% after a $40 copay
  • Basic Lenses (each calendar year): $25 copay
    • Single Vision, Lines Bifocal or Lined Trifocal – $25 copay
  • Frames (every other calendar year): $150 allowance
  • Contact Lenses (each calendar year): $150 allowance

To obtain vision care services, call your VSP doctor. Locate a VSP network doctor on their website.

You will not receive an ID card for the vision plan. When making an appointment, identify yourself as a VSP member, provide your member identification number and the CSU group number 30021702. The VSP network doctor will contact VSP to verify eligibility and plan coverage and obtain authorization for eye exam services and eyewear.

CSU’s benefits include access to three separate options for vision care. 

  • Anthem Medical: All CSU medical plans allow participants one eye exam per calendar year subject to normal copays or deductibles and coinsurance (see SPD for complete plan details). 
  • EyeMed Vision Care: A no cost discount plan available through Delta Dental. Discounts on an exam and materials are through a discount card and dental coverage enrollment is not necessary.
For a comparison between the different vision plan offerings refer to the Eye Exam Comparison Chart.


FITlife Health & Financial Wellness

FITlife is part of a total integrated and comprehensive wellness program sponsored by Human Resources. The program is designed to help you find a healthy lifestyle balance and reward you for completing certain wellness activities.

Employees enrolled in an Anthem medical plan can earn a wellness incentive upon completion of certain activities. Details will be sent to your CSU email each fall.

Meet Anthem Engage

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing CSU employees and their families with best-in-class health benefits, we’ve partnered with Anthem to help you experience your benefits in a whole new way.

Use Engage to take charge of your benefits: the app helps you take charge of your health plan and benefits so you can be confident you’re making the best choices for your health and well-being. With Engage, you can:

  • Get peace of mind: clearly see what’s covered by your health plan and access your digital insurance card anytime, anywhere.
  • Take charge of your wellness: track sleep, steps and food to create healthy habits and redeem points to win prizes.
  • Make the most of your perks: save time and money by discovering additional benefits and programs.

Download the mobile app through the Apple or Google Play store or get started online.

National Pre-Diabetes Prevention Program

This on-campus program is free for eligible employees enrolled in a CSU Anthem plan who meet certain health risk factors. The program can help prevent or delay type 2 diabetes and focuses on improvements in diet, physical activity and weight loss. To find out if you’re at risk and to learn more about the program, visit the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center’s website.

Anthem’s Stress Reduction Resources