Contact the HR Service Center for general Human Resources inquiries or to be directed to an HR staff member. 

HR Team Inboxes

To ensure faster response times, please direct questions specific to one of these topics to the appropriate team email address.

HR Team Team Email Address Team Topics
Background Checks Background check status and process, initiated either through the TMS hiring process or the HR system form
Classification and Compensation Administrative Professional position classification
Employee Housing Programs Employee Housing Programs Coordinator
Information Systems Oracle HR System and TimeClock Plus support; data and reporting inquiries
New Hire Forms (formerly RAMp Up) New hire form (via Equifax) inquiries; requests for new hire forms packet creation
Operations Resources Personnel records, I-9 policy and procedure, unemployment, sick and annual leave
Payroll Payments, supplemental pay, and taxation
Retirement If you are considering retirement from the university or want to confirm eligibility to retire, use this email address
Service Center Contact the HR Service Center for general Human Resources inquiries or to be directed to the proper HR staff member
Talent Acquisition Contact Talent Acquisition (formally the search team in the Office of Equal Opportunity and the Employment Team) for questions related to the Administrative Professional, Faculty, and State Classified search and hiring process
Training In-person and virtual training, professional development

HR Employee Contacts

Unit Name Extension Email Address Job Title
Leadership Team
Ray, Eric 970-491-6947 Vice President for Human Resources
Clemens, Claire 970-491-2920 Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Human Resources
Cummings, Nick 970-491-2856 Associate Director for Information Resources and Systems
Hutton, Tracy 970-491-0540 Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships and Employee Relations
Liley, Bill 970-491-2288 Special Assistant to the VPHR and CTRO
Meehan, Bob 970-491-0714 Associate Director of Classification and Compensation
Suhr, Teri 970-491-4975 Chief Total Rewards Officer (Benefits, Payroll, HRSC, CARE Program, Well-Being and EAP, Employee Housing Programs)
HR Business Partners
Blessinger, Sarah 970-491-8914 Senior Human Resources Business Partner
Carpenter, Kinda 970-491-8866 Senior Human Resources Business Partner
Hepperle, Robert 970-491-1454 Senior Human Resources Business Partner
Bozza, Sonny 970-491-0946 Benefits Administrator
Chavez, Emma 970-491-6947 CARE Program Coordinator
Di Camillo, Fabiana 970-491-6947 Employee Health and Well-Being Program Coordinator
Malone, Erin 970-491-0446 Benefits Administrator
Montoya-Baker, Audra 970-491-5754 Employee Housing Programs Coordinator
Phillips, Brittny 970-491-0855 Sr. Benefits Compliance & Communication Administrator
Swaro, Jackie 970-491-0947 Benefits Manager
Classification and Compensation
Boschman, Therese 970-491-3135 Admin Pro Classification/Compensation Consultant
HR Service Center (HRSC)
Durkin, Charlotte 970-491-6947 HRSC Representative
Ferreira, Rachel 970-491-6947 HRSC Representative
Powell, Dani 970-491-6947 HRSC Representative
HR Information Systems
Guy, Karen 970-491-0289 HRIS Tech Support Specialist
Smith, Matt 970-491-3193 Business Systems Analyst
Derrick Herl, Jacqueline 970-491-0951 Payroll Accountant, Taxation
Janelle, Laurel 970-491-4974 Payroll Accounting Technician, Graduate Students
Layman, Alex 970-491-4968 Payroll Accounting Technician, Faculty/Admin Pro
Lulseged, Yodit 970-491-4969 Payroll Accounting Technician, Hourly Employees
McKenna, Kaly 970-491-5853 Payroll Manager
Miller, Matthew 970-491-6893 Payroll Accountant
Penland, Andy 970-491-7564 Payroll Accounting Technician, State Classified
Operations Resources
Geyer, Michael 970-491-5802 Background Check Administrator
Morgan, Melissa 970-491-0452 Records Manager
Murphey, Joey 970-491-6875 State Classified Records, Leave Administration (SC)
Webb, Cheryl 970-491-7628 HR Records Specialist
Talent Acquisition – Administrative Professional & Faculty
Hinterberger, Brigid 970-491-5836 Assistant Director of Search Process and Compliance
Rogers, Emily 970-491-5836 System Administrator for the Talent Management System & Coordinator for Search Process
Smith, Crystal 970-491-5836 Coordinator for Faculty Recruitment
Wagner Lowe, Aleta 970-491-5836 Talent Acquisition Support Specialist
Chesneau, Claudia 970-491-5836 Administrative Assistant III
Fennell-McCrillis, Harriet 970-491-5836 Assistant Search Coordinator
Talent Acquisition – State Classified
Guy, Amy 970-491-3984 State Classified Employment Consultant
Lynch, Donna 970-491-5987 State Classified Employment Consultant
Martinez, Eva 970-491-0686 State Classified Employment Consultant
Fax Machines
Benefits/Service Center 970-491-6302
Director’s Office 970-491-4297
Employment 970-491-2548
Payroll 970-491-2337