Oracle serves as the system of record to manage employee information and assignment data. Oracle is used to hire new employees, maintain existing employee records, keep track of leave and benefits information, request background checks, enter performance management data and reporting.

Oracle Access Levels

The HR System access request form is used to request access to Oracle, TimeClock Plus and the Equifax I-9 system. Various levels of access can be requested. Access levels are described below. If you have questions please contact HR IS at

Read/Write access allows a user to enter new hire information, initiate assignment changes, add new assignments, prepare payroll, edit funding and run reports. Indicated by ‘CSU [Department Name] NA’

Allows a user to view assignment and labor distribution information.

Allows a user to enter leave taken by employees and to print leave-related reports. Only needed to enter leave for post-doctoral and graduate assistant employees.

Allows a user to enter cell phone allowance, cell phone adjustments and imputed apparel amounts for employees. Special earnings batches need to be validated prior to the monthly payroll.

Allows a user to enter performance review information for state classified employees.

Allows a user to approve time entries in TimeClock Plus. An employee with the TimeClock Approval access can be added to a project on the TimeClock projects form. The employee would then be allowed to approve time entries for employees associated with the project in TimeClock Plus.

This role gives the user access to the Equifax system to complete Section 2 of the I-9 form as well as view the current form completions status of all new hires in their department.

This role will allow the user to create, edit, and approve time and leave entries including special leave entries in TimeClock Plus for an entire department.

Allows user to enter requests for background checks for student hourly, graduate students, associates, volunteers and non-student hourly positions. This is only for background check requests outside of the talent management system.

Approval authority will allow a user the ability to approve HR Oracle actions. Approval authority may be granted for specific employee groups. A vice president or provost signature is required for those requesting approval authority for faculty or administrative professional actions. The employee groups listed under approval authority should only be selected when requesting access to approve HR Oracle actions. Indicated by ‘CSU [Department Name]’

Vista Plus access allows a person who does not have department or query-level access to the HR system to have access to the reports for that department in the Vista Plus report archives.  

The Operational Data Store provides HR and other data in the form of a data warehouse to allow users to create custom reports as needed.  

How do I get notified when a new hire and/or a new assignment is created in Oracle?

Employees can sign up for an email list that will provide a daily email with the results of the integration from talent management system to the HR system. This will help departments know when action is required on their part.

Time Clock Plus (TCP)

Plus is used to track employee’s timekeeping and leave information. Department HR staff monitor approvals and create other types of informational leave (that do not affect sick or annual leave balances), including parental leave, jury duty, leave without pay, bereavement leave, military leave, and FMLA leave.


Colorado State University has contracted with Equifax to provide a 24/7 web-based system that will allow new and rehired employees to complete I-9 and the SSA-1945 forms electronically. 

Operational Data Store

The Operational Data Store provides HR and other data in the form of a data warehouse so users can write custom reports as needed.

Service Accounts

If the existing views do not provide the data needed, please email the name of your current view plus the fields unavailable in operational data store to HR IS.


Username/password: IS Support – Scheduling

Data integrity: HR IS (491-6947) 


Several views, each described in the Information Systems data dictionary, have been developed so departments can prepare custom reports. 

Vista Plus Report Archive

Vista Plus is the report archive for Human Resources and other university systems.

Connection Information


Talent Management System

The talent management system, often called TMS, allows the University to manage position description content for every assignment on campus, and facilitate the entire life cycle of recruitment for faculty, administrative professional, research and state classified processes.