Thousands of people standing on a football field in the shape of CSU letters.

Our Principles






The Principles of Community support the Colorado State University mission and vision of access, research, teaching, service and engagement. A collaborative, and vibrant community is a foundation for learning, critical inquiry, and discovery. Therefore, each member of the CSU community has a responsibility to uphold these principles when engaging with one another and acting on behalf of the University.

Our Stories

Our people contribute to the University in a variety of ways, sharing their knowledge, passions, and personal experiences to further enhance the CSU community.

Our Roles

CSU operates much like a small city in that every occupational field is represented on campus. Roles at the University include not only education and research areas, but health services, skilled trades, fine arts, business and financial services, computer sciences and many more. Discover all the roles contributing to the success of CSU.

Our Climate

The Colorado State University Employee Climate Survey, launched in 2012, is administered every three years to all CSU faculty and staff. The Assessment Group for Diversity Issues, a committee of state classified, administrative professional and faculty members, supported by the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, developed the university-wide metric as a means of assessing the climate of CSU. 

Survey Highlights

  • 81% of employees would recommend CSU as a place of employment.
  • 80% of employees felt CSU encourages discussions related to diversity.
  • 75% of employees felt CSU recruits employees from a diverse set of backgrounds.