There are four (4) categories within the Research Series:

  • Research Coordinator, Research Associate, Postdoctoral Fellow, and Research Scientist/Scholar:
    • Research Coordinator – Describes broad professional assignments responsible for the day to day operations for one or more research projects(s) conducted in an academic department or its associated research unit. Research Coordinators are not directly involved in research activities and are primarily funded from their associated research project(s).
    • Research Associate Series – A broad series encompassing natural, computer, physical, biological and social sciences, as well as engineering and veterinary medicine. Work requires participation in research or scholarly endeavors.
    • Postdoctoral Fellow – Employees who are engaged to work primarily on research projects and have recently obtained their PhD (or equivalent degree).
    • Research Scientist/Scholars – Typically PhD researchers who work independently on projects and who contribute original, creative work

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