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When you experience a life event – such as birth or adoption of a child, marriage, or loss of other coverage – you can make changes to your benefits within 30 days of the event. If you miss the 30 day deadline, your next chance to make a change is during the annual open enrollment period.

Changes must be consistent with the event and type of coverage. With the exception of birth and adoption, the effective date of a change is the first of the month following the life event date or notification to HR, whichever is later.

State Classified employees should visit the State of Colorado’s website for information about mid-year qualifying events. 

Faculty, Administrative Professionals, Non-Classified Staff

Congratulations on the addition to your family! When you welcome a child to the family, you may add them to your benefit plans within 30 days of the date of birth or date of placement for adoption.

Instructions: Add the child to your Personal Information in Employee-Self Service and then add the child to your benefit plans. If you do not have a Social Security Number for your child, please email to obtain a temporary SSN. You will also need to send a copy of the official birth certificate to Human Resources. 

When your marital status changes, you can add or remove your spouse/partner to benefit plans within 30 days of the event date. Examples include marriage, divorce, change in domestic partnership status, etc. 


  • Marriage: You can add your spouse to benefits through Employee-Self Service. You will be required to submit a copy of the marriage license and a secondary joint financial document dated within the last 60 days. 
  • Change in domestic partnership status: You will be required to complete an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership and provide a secondary joint financial document dated with the last 60 days. Please email for more details. 
  • Divorce or dissolution of domestic partnership: You can initiate this change through Employee-Self Service. You will be required to provide a copy of your divorce decree or a dissolution of domestic partnership form to Human Resources. 

When you gain or lose coverage elsewhere, you can modify your current benefit plan enrollment within 30 days of the date your other coverage begins or ends. 

Instructions: You will be required to submit official documentation to Human Resources substantiating the change in other coverage. This is typically a document on company letterhead that contains the following information: 

  • The date coverage begins or ends
  • The type of coverage that begins or ends (e.g. medical, dental, etc.)
  • The name(s) of all individuals affected by the gain or loss of coverage

If you are adding a dependent for the first time, you will also need to submit official documentation that verifies their dependent status (e.g. birth certificate, marriage license).

When you gain or lose coverage under Medicare or Medicaid you may change your benefits within 60 days of the day coverage ends or begins. 

You must provide official documentation to Human Resources that verifies the start or end date of this coverage. 

Please contact for more information about permissible changes to your benefits during a leave of absence/leave without pay. 

For all eligible employees, benefits will terminate on the last day of the month in which you leave employment. For more information about what happens to your benefits and leave when you terminate employment, visit the Separation and Retirement page.

Required Dependent Documentation

You may enroll eligible individuals in certain University benefits plans. When enrolling your eligible individuals you must first determine if they meet the eligibility criteria for CSU plans. Eligible individuals include only the following:

*Please redact all financial information, account numbers, and social security numbers. The best practice for redaction is to cut out the information before scanning or copying the document. If you have questions about redaction, please email

Secondary Documents

To establish a spouse/partner relationship, you must submit a secondary document dated within the last 60 days that demonstrates joint financial responsibilities. This includes, but is not limited to the following items. 

  • Bank or credit card bill/statement
  • Mortgage statement
  • Car, homeowners, or renters insurance billing statement
  • Utilities or trash bill

The statements can be downloaded from an online portal for your account; we do not require the original. If you are unable to provide one document that meets these requirements, you may submit two separate documents: one that includes the employee name and another that includes the spouse/partner name. The addresses on both documents must match and they must be dated within the past 60 days.

If you have questions about acceptable documentation, please email