There are three types of student employment at Colorado State University that have different eligibility requirements and various funding sources. Regardless of the type of employment, or working on or away from a campus, all student employees are part-time employees; hired and working under applicable federal and state labor laws, as well as CSU policies.

Types of Student Employment

Need-based Work Study

Need-based work-study is awarded to degree-seeking students, enrolled at least half-time, based upon documentation of financial need and the availability of funds.

No-need workstudy

The no-need work-study program (previously Merit work-study) provides degree-seeking students, enrolled at least half-time, without financial need, an opportunity to be employed in work-study jobs.

Campus Student Hourly

Campus student hourly positions are available to eligible CSU undergraduate or graduate students who are enrolled in at least one (1) credit and admitted to a degree-seeking program.