Out of Cycle Checks

  • Special payments may be requested when the department misses any of the payroll processing deadlines resulting in an employee failing to receive pay on the regularly scheduled payday.
  • The manual processing involved is labor intensive and the payments are expensive to produce.


  • Human Resource Services is required to focus on its primary functions and to eliminate or reduce non-essential functions. A fee of $25 is assessed for each special payment requested by a department after 10 such payments have been issued within any given fiscal year.

Requesting an Out of Cycle Check

  • Payment to the employee will be deposited into the employee’s bank account on record unless a physical check is required. Direct deposits are normally posted to the employees account within 3-4 business days of the processing of the special payment.
  • To request a special payment, email HR Payroll with the following information:
    • Department payroll liaison name and phone number
    • Department name and number
    • Account number to charge for the $25 fee
    • Reason a special payment is being requested
    • Full name as it appears in the HR System
    • Assignment number
    • Employee group (i.e., student hourly, state classified, faculty)
    • Please specify if the employee prefers a direct deposit or live check
    • For hourly employees, attach a scanned copy of the completed timecard
    • For each employee who is to receive a special payment:
    • For salaried employees, provide the dates the requested special payment covers.