Initiator Creates a Temporary Hourly Job Announcement

  • Initiator creates a new job posting using a blank Temporary Hourly form, previous Temporary Hourly posting, or previously created Temporary Hourly Template. How to Create and Edit a Non-Student Hourly Posting (PDF)
  • Initiator inputs all required information and determines if applications will be accepted through the Talent Management System or via special instructions (email).

Initiator Completes Posting Details

  • Initiator inputs information regarding salary, department, search contact email, job duties, etc.
  • If accepting applications online an applicant manager must be assigned.
  • Initiator inputs required documentation and references from applicants (if accepting online applications).

Initiator Posts Position

  • Initiator posts the position internally, or both internally and externally.
    • Initiator must move the posting to Post Internally (Approved Internal) or Externally.
    • Initiator must then post the position to the Internal Job Board.

Applicant Manager Reviews Applicants

  • If applications are obtained online, applicant manager reviews applicants and moves them through workflow appropriately. Applicant Manager and Oracle Actions for Non-Student Hourly Recruitment (PDF)
  • Applicants are moved to “Candidate not selected” or “Hired”
    • Note: if a candidate is moved to hired while the position is posted, the position will be removed from the job board and “closed”.

Department Submits Oracle Action