All Employees

(VIPS) at Colorado State University allows employees up to 5 hours per month administrative leave to volunteer in any public school district. The program was developed by Colorado State University Classified Personnel Council in 1995 and is now a permanent program open to all Colorado State employees.

Why does the University support VIPS?

  • Because it upholds Colorado State’s commitment to support public K-12 schools — a goal that is in the University Strategic Plan and has strong support from the Colorado Legislature.
  • It encourages Colorado State staff to get involved with kids and the community, sending the message that our University cares.
  • It allows employees to strengthen their skills by taking on projects outside their normal workload — learning by giving back


children sitting at table doing school work

Enrolling in VIPS

To enroll in the VIPS program, you must:

  • Be an employee of Colorado State University (part-time employees are eligible, but their leave is prorated based on the percentage of their appointment).
  • Be performing at a level to merit such leave.
  • Meet with your supervisor to discuss participation.
  • Complete the VIPS Leave Authorization Form.

VIPS administrative leave is processed within the department. 

Frequently Asked Questions