You can earn $150 by completing four well-being activities before December 31. 

Participate in the Health Fair blood draw.

If you are unable to attend, you can also receive an annual exam at your primary care physician’s office.

Complete the Anthem health assessment.

After you login to your account, click ‘My Health Dashboard’ then ‘Programs,’ then take the WebMD Health Risk Assessment. 

Complete one of these activities that support your personal well-being needs. 

  • Get a routine cleaning and exam from your dentist (must be between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2023)
  • Attend an informational webinar hosted by HR Benefits to learn about CSU’s well-being resources like EAP, Housing Programs, and more (Nov. 6 or Dec. 5)
  • Attend a well-being training from the EAP throughout the year

Complete one of these financial well-being activities. 

Once you complete all four steps, fill out the attestation form below. 

FITLife Wellness Incentive
Enter the 9-digit number found on your CSU ID card.
#1 Health Promotion(Required)
Select the item you completed.
#2 Anthem Health Assessment(Required)
#3 Healthy Habits(Required)
Select the item you completed.
#4 Financial Wellness(Required)
Select the item you completed.