Associates of Colorado State University are individuals who are in some way affiliated with the University such that access to CSU’s network, computing, library resources, and electronic forms is required through the acquisition of an eID. Individuals who have only an Associate assignment do not receive pay. Associates may not need to utilize their eID frequently, so please remind new Associates to keep their eName and password in a secure place for future reference.

Associates are classified in the following ways:

  • Affiliate – Individuals employed outside the University who have a strong and continuing relationship with the University and whose training, experience, and activities contribute actively to the program of the department.
  • Committee Member – Individuals who are not academic faculty of CSU may be given a Committee Member appointment in order to be a full voting member on a graduate student’s committee. The procedures to give a person this type of appointment and the restrictions that this appointment is subject to are located in Section E.1.1 of the Graduate and Professional Bulletin.
  • Federal Associate – Federal Associates of CSU are maintained by Human Resources for organizations such as the CSU Research Foundation and the Center for Disease Control. Please contact HR IS for assistance.
  • Guest Associate – Individuals who are contractors, guests of an employee, or senior citizens in the community with departmental permission to audit a course which uses online resources.
  • Joint Appointment – Faculty members or admin professionals whose professional activities fall, to an appreciable degree, within the purview of two departments. If an employee has a joint associate assignment, he may not have any other associate assignments.
  • Visiting Associates – Research Associates, Scientists, Scholars, Senior Scientists and Senior Scholars who are members of the faculty for a short time while on leave from another institution. For further information, please refer to the HR System User Guide, Section 12

Associate IDs: Associate IDs are replacement SSN identifiers for unpaid Associate positions. To obtain an associate ID, please email a request to