As an employee of CSU, you have access to personal retirement counseling when contributing to an account with AIG, Fidelity, or TIAA. You can make an appointment in-person if you’re in the Fort Collins area or you can schedule a virtual/phone appointment using the links below. 

CSU retirement vendors also offer numerous online resources to help you confidently navigate your financial future. Be sure to explore  webinars, view online resources, and schedule a one-on-one counseling session. 

For more information about the available retirement plans, visit the page for Faculty and Administrative Professionals or State Classified Staff

Social Security and CSU

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FutureFit Webinar Series
The FutureFIT® Financial Wellness Webinar Series is all about making it easy to learn about the financial topics that matter most to you. Reserve your spot for a live event or watch on demand webinars when it’s convenient for you.


Recording: Conversation with Soledad O’Brien
Soledad O’Brien, host of the Sunday morning syndicated political show, Matter of Fact, shared experiences from her life and career and the power of individuals and companies to make meaningful and lasting change within our communities and organizations.

Online Resources

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Fidelity has opened a local office in Fort Collins! CSU employees can make an appointment at this branch for savings and investment advice. 

Market Insights: New Developments, What to Consider, and Top Questions Answered
Every Wednesday
To help you navigate through these unusual market conditions, Fidelity’s leaders have come together for a webcast series called, Market Insights: New Developments, What to Consider, and Top Questions Answered. Each week, in under 20 minutes they’ll cover the latest market happenings, ideas you might consider, and answers to common questions.

Can’t make it to a webinar?
Fidelity participants can check out their Event Registration System to learn about and register for other workshops.

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Register for these sessions at

Looking to turn your retirement savings into a “paycheck” for life? 
July 12 at 10 a.m. (MT)
You diversify your investment portfolio before retirement to help offset risk. A similar strategy can help see you through retirement. Learn how creating a diversified income plan can help reduce the risks you may face in retirement and ensure you have income that never runs out.

Start to Finish: The early career woman’s guide to financial wisdom
July 12 at 1 p.m. (MT)
Investing and saving strategies for women, core concepts that guide all investing, building a plan and taking action, ways to help take on life challenges without damaging future financial well-being.

Quarterly economic and market update with TIAA’s Chief Investment Strategist
July 13 at 10 a.m. (MT)
Take a closer look at our views on the financial markets, including key market drivers, the U.S. economy, policy and politics, and investing in public markets. 

Beneficiary considerations
July 13 at 1 p.m. (MT)
We spend our lifetimes building wealth, and understanding how it will be distributed to our beneficiaries is important to our legacies and our beneficiaries. In this seminar, you will learn more about how the acceleration of income taxation will impact both individual and trust beneficiaries, address a new class of beneficiaries, and discuss exceptions to the new rules.

Within Reach: Transitioning from career to retirement
July 19 at 1 p.m. (MT)
So it’s time to retire, now what? Make some final preparations to help shift from an active career to retirement. From income options to taxes to health insurance, you need to be prepared.

Online Resources

PERA Informational Meetings (currently postponed)
Call: 800-759-7372


Visit the PERA website to register for an upcoming meeting. 

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