Thank you to those of you who joined the 2021 virtual FITlife Health & Wellness event. This year’s program boasted record attendance and a variety of sessions that help with the journey towards overall wellbeing. 

The recorded sessions are linked below. You will find the start time of each presentation noted next to the title. If you have any questions, please contact


Recorded Sessions from Tuesday, April 6

Recording Start Time
Presented By
00:01:32Mindful Meditation Skills
Fundamental techniques of meditation include becoming aware of your thoughts, surroundings, sounds, smells, body movement and breathing. The basic objective is to be present—here and now. Come and learn how to embrace mindful meditation in your life.
Joy Childress
01:01:55Create a Budget and Ditch your Debt
This session will discuss creating a budget and managing your debt. This includes how to approach essential saving, affording retirement, understanding your spending, getting rid of bad debt, student loans, mortgage, credit cards auto loans and credit scores. This is a great opportunity to develop the principles of building a budget.
Fidelity Investments
02:08:32Unpacking Self-Care: Necessity or Luxury?
Self-care refers to activities that you regularly engage in to reduce stress and maintain/elevate health and wellness. Join this session to gain knowledge about the emotional, mental, and physical benefits of self-care and discover resources to help you being the journey of practicing of self-care.
CSU Employee Assistance Program & CARE Program
03:00:20Sleep and Metabolism: How optimizing sleep can protect metabolic health and disease prevention
The Sleep and Metabolism Laboratory at Colorado State University is operated by a translational scientist who specializes in the intersection of sleep and circadian rhythms and metabolic health for the whole body. The importance of sleep on overall health maintenance and the impact of circadian misalignment on diabetes and obesity risk and potential counter measures when these behaviors are unavoidable will be discussed.
CSU Health and Exercise Science
04:01:15Mindful Eating Exploration: Refresh your relationship with food
Join KRNC registered dietitian Kalyn Garcia for an engaging group discussion centered on mindful eating and learn about the power of paying attention to your body and your food.
Kendall Regan Nutrition Center
05:04:20Bringing Balance with the Wellness Wheel
Finding ways to balance our busy lives and tend to our own self care is challenging. This presentation will review the various aspects of the wellness wheel and how to impact areas that may need your attention. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover and self-reflect.
CSU Health and Exercise Science
06:01:30Tomorrow in Focus
This session will discuss how to make a plan for retirement savings. The presentation will look at taking advantage of the time span of savings over your career and many important essential features of retirement investments.

Recorded Sessions from Wednesday, April 7

Recording Start Time
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00:00:13 (recording 1)Chair Yoga for Mindfulness Work Days
Discover how Chair Yoga can improve your overall well- being. This interactive session with teach you how body postures and breathing techniques can help to bring about a healthy body and peaceful mind.
Joy Childress
01:00:30 (recording 1)Sleep & Overall Wellbeing: How to Improve Everyday Health and Wellness
Why do we sleep? Come find out in this presentation on sleep functions, mechanisms behind why we sleep and what causes it, costs of not getting good or enough sleep, and a few tips for better sleep! You will also find out about a behavioral sleep program at CSU. This is a unique program CSU offers, so come join us to find out more!
Center for Community Partnerships Department of Occupational Therapy
00:00:20 (recording 2)What’s Keeping You Awake at Night and How Can Anthem Help?
The session speaks to the mindfulness and inability to get a good night’s rest. We will discuss common reasons for the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. Side Effects of not getting enough sleep. There will be a special note on sleep issues with children. Please come and learn about the benefits of sleep!
00:00:01 (recording 3)The Science of a Good Life
Join us for a compelling discussion about the science of a good life. We can control a lot more of our happiness than we think. During this session we’ll explore insights on how to foster powerful connections, tackle the loneliness epidemic, and have a positive mindset. You will also learn more about the tools and resources Cigna has to offer related to mental wellness, stress management,
virtual care and earning your wellness incentives.
00:00:01 (recording 4)Financial Wellness
Financial wellness focuses on our ability to manage all aspects of our financial life. At times it can feel difficult and complicated to get our finances under control. By attending this workshop, you can learn how to gain control over your financial life and become more productive in other areas of your life, including your ability to focus on family, friends and work.”

Don’t forget that CSU also offers retirement and financial savings webinars on a regular basis. Be sure to bookmark the Retirement Resources page for up-to-date information on webinars and other tools/resources that help you save for the future!