The State of Colorado is is charged with providing a competitive total compensation package to ensure that the State is able to recruit, reward and retain a qualified workforce. Each State Classified job is required to have a position description reflecting the assignment in its current state. Position descriptions are reviewed by certified Job Evaluation experts, exercising delegated authority from the State, to consistently and appropriately classify positions based on the assignment’s primary purpose and nature of work as well as the Factor levels within Decision-making, Complexity, and Line/Staff Authority. 


Classification/ Job Evaluation Process Map

Creation/ Modification

  • Hiring Authority or Liaison creates/modifies PD in TMS and attaches necessary documentation (e.g. updated org chart, letter of resignation, etc.)
  • Position updates or modifications are reviewed once in a 12 months period, and only reviewed prior to that if there are substantial changes. 
  • An employee can request their position be updated and reviewed by working with their supervisor to initiate the position modification TMS.


  • Hiring Authority review and approves PD contents, submits to HR Job Evaluation.
  • Employee has an opportunity to review and approve position content, then signs the Employee Certification of Position, which is attached to the PD with other supporting documents (i.e. Org Chart or Staff Authority justification reference letters).

Job Evaluation

  • State Classified classification expert/s perform job evaluation and appropriately classify position within the State Personnel Classification system. 
  • During the initial/preliminary review, if positions do not meet the current classification level or warrant a promotion as requested by the department, the supervisor will be contacted by the Classification expert.
  • A complete PD is reviewed within 30 days. 
  • Desk Audit (i.e. Interviews) may be conducted to further elicit critical information, gain better understanding of the department/ unit / role within CSU, and clarify interpretations of the PD. 

Review & Approve

  • Signature Authority reviews classification decision and approves PD, or edits PD to provide further information that could impact classification.

Position Assignment

  • Classification expert reviews and approves additional information or edits.
  • If the PD is a creation request, a position number is generated once the PD is routed to Records.
  • Modifications of an existing PD resulting in a new version (i.e. promotions, change in hourly FTE status, etc.) are also routed to Records.