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Congratulations on the hire of your new employee! As a member of the HR community, you play a vital role in guiding new employees through their journey at CSU. Onboarding begins at the time of initial hire and continues throughout the first year of employment. This process allows you to make sure your employee is informed about policies, procedures, culture, expectations, and your department. To help you prepare to welcome and support your new employee Human Resources has created a toolkit and PDF checklists to walk you through the onboarding process. 

Virtual Onboarding

Due to COVID-19, much of the onboarding process will need to be completed remotely. HR has provided the following suggestions to support you in creating your virtual onboarding process. Visit CSU’s Covid-19 Recovery website for further resources and information about CSU’s response to COVID-19.

  • Prepare equipment and access in advance
    • Make sure that your employee has the necessary tools before their first day. Create a list of the technology and office supplies they’ll need and make a plan to have them pick it up or have it delivered.
    • If you’ll be providing a laptop or computer ensure they are set up with the necessary software and access before handing it off to the employee. Visit Academic Computing and Networking Service’s Keep Working resources for more information. 
    • If the employee will be using their own technology, please make sure they have the resources to set up software and access on their device.
  • Modify your content for virtual learning
    • If you already have onboarding materials you normally provide to new employees, convert them into PDFs that you can email your new employee.
  • Set clear expectations
    • Meet with your employee via Microsoft Teams frequently to check in and provide instruction.
    • Consider creating checklists and schedules so the employee isn’t left wondering what they should be doing.
  • Virtual introductions through Microsoft Teams
    • Schedule one on one and group meetings with members of the team so the employee has a chance to get to know their coworkers and ask questions
    • Set up introductions with other units they will be working with
  • Schedule meetings for the new employee to train with a coworker on their duties
    • Make sure the training is interactive and allows for the employee to ask questions and get feedback

Onboarding Toolkit

Set the stage for a positive experience from the very beginning by staying in contact with your new employee from the moment they accept the job offer to ensure the following items are completed prior to the employee’s start date. 

  • Background Check
    • Pre-employment background checks are completed for most new hires. To request a background check for your employee please submit a request during the hiring proposal in TMS or through Oracle depending on the employee type. Please contact the Records unit If you have questions about whether or not your employee requires a background check.
  • Offer Letter
    • Obtain a signed offer letter and upload it to TMS (if necessary). 
  • Form I-9 and SSA 1945
    • All new or rehired employees must complete the Form I-9 and SSA-1945 electronically. The Form I-9 (Section 1) and SSA-1945 must be completed no later than the first day of employment. 
  • New Hire Paperwork 
    • Ensure you know what paperwork is required for your employee and stay in regular communication to make sure it’s completed.
  • Welcome Email 
    • Send a welcome email to your employee that provides critical first day information such as when to arrive, parking information, dress code requirements, what documents to bring, how to register for an eID and email address, and their first day schedule. 
  • Prepare Work space
    • Clean and prepare the employee’s work space to ensure they are set up with all necessary supplies and equipment when they arrive. Prepare items such as keys, phone, computer, business cards, name plates, and consider placing a welcome sign or gift at their work space. 

Make your employee’s first day experience positive and welcoming by setting them up for success. While every department is different, the below suggestions will help to build a strong connection with your employee. 

  • Introductions
    • Welcome your new employee and discuss the plans for the day
  • Department tour
    • Point out supply closets, bathrooms, common shared areas, and any other areas of interest
  • Show the new employee to their work space
    • Ensure they are set up with everything they need and explain how to use office equipment as necessary
  • Review and complete any outstanding new hire paperwork 
  • Provide a staff list with phone numbers/email addresses
  • Review FLSA status, TimeClock Plus, and pay schedule
  • Provide information on obtaining a RamCard and Procurement card (if needed)
  • Walk them through the HR System Access Request form and set them up with shared drive access as necessary
  • Discuss policies and procedures regarding the Acceptable Use Policy
  • Provide them with desk manuals or training materials 
  • Review and provide a copy of CSU’s Principles of Community 
  • Walk them through Employee Self Service, and ask them to complete their Direct Deposit and W-4 details
  • Send a follow up email after the first day with helpful information about the department and campus

Continue to foster the relationship and connect with your new employee throughout the week. Check in periodically and remain available and approachable. Make sure that your employee knows what resources are available to them, where to find important policy and procedural information, and that they are signed up for any necessary training. 

During the first month make sure to continue check in at least weekly to answer questions, address any concerns, and ensure they are progressing in their role.

  • Ensure they have enrolled in and/or completed required training 
  • Verify that they have signed up for benefits prior to the enrollment deadline 
  • Ensure that you have reviewed necessary polices and procedures together 
  • Make sure they have access to and are aware of additional training and professional development opportunities
  • Provide feedback and answer any questions 
  • Continue to check in regularly to make sure employee is receiving the support they need 

New Hire Paperwork

In addition to the background check and Form I-9 make sure your new employee has filled out the appropriate paperwork prior to their start date. Some forms will be completed in Employee Self Service, which requires an eID to log in. If you are hiring a foreign national employee, please contact the Foreign National Tax Specialist for specific information. 

Employees working remotely may require the Telework Memorandum of Understanding and Equipment Checkout Form in addition to the paperwork listed below. 

Helpful Resources for New Employees